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How Do I Get a Lien Release from an Entity No Longer in Business?

Lien releases are sent from the lien holder to the borrower or to the Motor Vehicle Department when a vehicle loan is paid in full.  If you have a vehicle title which lists a lien holder that is no longer in business, the Division of Banking and Financial Institutions (Division) may be able to help you.  If the lien holder was a state-chartered bank or credit union, the Division may be able to help you connect with the financial institution that purchased the accounts of the closed institution.  Success in locating the right financial institution may be dependent on the time that has lapsed since the institution closed and/or the length of time lapsed since the loan was paid off.

 If the lien holder was a consumer loan or sales finance company previously licensed by the Division, we may be able to provide contact information for their corporate office.  Small, locally owned consumer finance or sales finance companies that have been closed for more than two years may be difficult for the Division to locate.

 In some instances, a financial institution currently regulated by the Division may have purchased the accounts of a closed, former licensee.  If this is the case, you may need to file a written request or complaint with the Division in order to obtain the lien release or instructions for obtaining the lien release.

 Please be advised the Division cannot assist you in obtaining vehicle lien releases if the lien holder is an auto dealership, a salvage yard, or a financial institution that was never chartered or licensed by the Division.  If the lien holder is a failed national bank you may be able find assistance at the FDIC webpage titled, Obtaining a Lien Release.  In cases where it is impossible to obtain a title lien release from the lien holder, please contact your District Court for information about removing a title lien by court order.


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