Regulating Financial Services, Protecting Montanans


Please be advised that the Division now has the ability to download bank call reports from FDIC/FFIEC's database to the Division's own database, B.OL.D. Therefore, your timely electronic submission of call reports to FDIC/FFIEC will now satisfy the requirement for submission of call reports to the Division under §32-1-231, MCA. It is no longer necessary for banks to send hard-copy call reports to the Division.

Since trust companies do not electronically submit their call reports to the FDIC/FFIEC, please continue to send a hard-copy to the Division office.

The Division’s website contains an advisory statement to the effect that banks should retain the fully signed, original signature pages of call reports in the banks’ own records. The Division will publish a rule proposal notice to convert the advisory statement to rule. Appendix "A" to rule 2.59.111, ARM, provides for a 5 year retention period for call reports and related work papers.

1 Separately, 32-1-491, MCA, requires a retention period of 8 years after Jan. 1 of the year following the time the records are made, for records of customer transaction accounts. That statute also requires the permanent retention of all records showing unpaid balances in favor of bank depositors.