Regulating Financial Services, Protecting Montanans


Goals and Objectives - 2023 Biennium

Division Mission: To protect Montana citizens by regulating state-chartered and licensed financial institutions under its supervision.

Goal: Protect Montanans who enter into consumer and residential mortgage loans with non-depository lenders from abuses that may occur in the credit marketplace.


  • Examine non-depository lenders, brokers and servicers to ensure compliance with Montana and federal law.
  • Continue to provide Montana citizens with an efficient and effective consumer complaint process involving any licensed entity that violates the law.
  • Consider what role the Division should have in financial condition exams and enforcement in the non-depository space - primarily servicers.

Goal: Raise the regulator standards for financial services regulation in Montana.


  • Maintain mortgage accreditation from CSBS/AARMR.
  • Maintain CSBS banking accreditation. 

Goal: Provide Montana citizens with a safe and sound system of state-chartered financial institutions.


  • Examine state-chartered financial institutions to assure their operations are in accordance with law and sound financial practices.
  • Coordinate the supervision of financial institutions with federal regulatory agencies.
  • Perform offsite monitoring of depository institutions between regulatory examinations to ensure emerging risks are identified and addressed in a timely manner.

Goal: Promote the dual regulatory system that allows state and federal governments to act independently to charter, regulate, and supervise financial institutions for the good of Montanans.


  • Reduce regulatory burden and create new efficiencies for mortgage companies. 

Goal: Improve the distribution of information and services through web-based tools.


  • Use the website to more efficiently distribute press releases, consumer alerts, names of regulated financial institutions, and forms.
  • Continue to provide electronic information, forms, or documents to financial institutions and consumers whenever possible.
  • Promote Montana financial education efforts, available resources, and current issues.
  • Expand supervision tools to allow Division management access to more timely data (goal of real time data).

Goal: Create and maintain a highly qualified, professional, diverse, and responsive workforce.


  • Promote professional growth and development opportunities through improved employee recruitment, selection, retention, and training.