Regulating Financial Services, Protecting Montanans

List of Licensees

To look up a mortgage, consumer loan, sales finance, or escrow business, please visit NMLS Consumer Access. All licenses expire annually on December 31st. There are currently no licensed deferred deposit lenders (payday lenders) in Montana.

The following is a list of banks, trust companies, and credit unions currently chartered or licensed by the Division of Banking and Financial Institutions. Please contact the Division at (406) 841-2920 if you have any questions or if you need to verify the physical address of the licensee.

To protect the privacy of those who deal with state and local government, the Division may not provide distribution lists, as stated in 2-6-1017, MCA. If you feel you have a request that meets the exemptions in the statute, please send an email to containing the information requested along with details on how the information will be used.

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