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Montana State-Chartered Bank Lists

As of December 23, 2021, the Montana has 36 state-chartered banks with a total of 686 bank branches and zero state-chartered trust companies.  A list of banks can be found HERE and a list of all the bank branches can be found HERE.

Forms and Instructions

All bank and trust company forms can be found HERE.

Bank branch and loan production office information can be found HERE.  This includes information on the following:

  • New Branch - Summary Approval Process (Expedited)
  • New Branch - Standard Process
  • Banks Organized Outside of Montana Branching into Montana
  • Montana State-Chartered Bank Branching Outside of Montana
  • Relocation of Existing Branch
  • Consolidation of Existing Branches
  • Closing a Branch
  • Change in Branch Hours
  • Temporary Emergency Branch Closure (Less than 48 hours)
  • Emergency Branch Closure (48 or more hours)
  • New Loan Production Office in Montana
  • New Loan Production Office Outside of Montana
  • Relocation of a Loan Production Office
  • Consolidation of Loan Production Offices
  • Closing a Loan Production Office

Foreign Fiduciary Trust Company information can be found HERE.


State laws that govern banks and trust companies can be found in the Montana Code Annotated (MCA).  The MCA is a compilation of existing Montana laws.  Laws are also known as statutes and can only change when the legislature is in session. The MCA is updated a few months after each legislative session.  Below are the laws pertaining to banks and trust companies.

Administrative Rules

Administrative rules are regulations establishing how an agency implements a law.  Unlike statutes, which change only when the legislature is in session, administrative rules change through an agency process, which allows more flexibility. Agencies are given rulemaking authority through the legislative process (2-4-101, MCA).  Learn more about proposed rules and the adoption process of an Administrative Rule on the Montana Secretary of State Website.

Administrative Rule Notices

There are specific timelines that must be followed before the adoption of administrative rules.  This process is outlined in 2-4-302, MCA.  Click HERE to view newly proposed or adopted administrative rules submitted by the Division of Banking and Financial Institutions pertaining to banks and trust companies.

State Banking Board

Information pertaining to the State Banking Board can be found HERE.

Resource Information

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