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Montana Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Lender, and Mortgage Loan Originator Licensing



For information regarding the NMLS Mortgage Call Report, please visit the NMLS website at NMLS MORTGAGE CALL REPORT.

New Legislation for 2013


  • The Montana Division of Banking and Financial Institutions is adopting the National SAFE MLO Test Component with uniform state content effective July 1, 2013. Montana is the 30th state agency that will no longer require a second state-specific test component to be taken by mortgage loan originators (MLOs) seeking licensure with their state agencies. See Uniform State Test Implementation Information      


MAR Notice Number Topics Addressed in Notice Date
2-59-500 Notice of Adoption, Amendment, and Repeal 12/26/13

Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Adoption, Amendment, and Repeal

2-59-471 Notice of Amendment and Adoption 01/17/2013

Notice of Proposed Amendment and Adoption: Written Exemption Form for Requesting a Mortgage Licensing Exemption

2-59-458 Corrected Notice of Adoption:  Financial Responsibility of Mortgage Loan Originators and Control Persons and Ultimate Equity Owners of Mortgage Entities 06/21/2012
2-59-458 Notice of Adoption:  Financial Responsibility of Mortgage Loan Originators and Control Persons and Ultimate Equity Owners of Mortgage Entities 01/26/2012




Pipeline Report

  • This sample report should be used to track any residential mortgage loan files that are in a pending, closed, withdrawn, denied or cancelled status. Sample Pipeline Report

Montana Loan Origination Disclosure

  • Section 32-9-124(2), MCA states, "Prior to providing mortgage broker services to a borrower, the licensee, in addition to other disclosures required by this part and other state and federal laws, shall provide to the borrower at the time of application a written disclosure containing substantially the following language, which must be signed by the borrower:" Below is the required Montana specific form in two formats for your convenience.

Surety Bond Forms


For more information about exemptions from the Montana Mortgage Act please refer to Section 32-9-104, MCA.  The forms and list below only apply to entities and some individuals.  In most instances it will apply to entities that are an agency of the federal, state, or municipal government or 501(c)(3) corporations which are not otherwise engaged in or holding itself out to the public as being engaged in the mortgage loan business, that makes mortgage loans to promote home ownership or improvements for bona fide low-income individuals.

An exempt entity may chose to register with the NMLS in order to manage its employees and provide a surety bond for them.  Interested entities may refer to the NMLS Montana Exemption Checklist below. 

Please contact the Banking Division at (406) 841-2920 if you need to verify an exemption status.






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